Conmak MTP600

197.500,00 ден

Pneumatic printing system with 60 cm working width and 0-7.5 kg / cm2

Possibility to adjust the temperatures of the lower and upper range. Total homogeneity of tied surfaces. Precise temperature setting through a special temperature control system. Cooling system add-on.

Scrub Roller System that prevents air bubbles that may appear between the overlap and the fabric. Automatic belt cleaning while working with the help of scrapers from the bottom and the top slaps. Possibility to move to the desired location thanks to its wheel structure.

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CONMAK  MTP600 is an ideal machine, especially for things that contain large adhesive surfaces, such as jackets, coats, pants, coats, masks and other materials.

Additional information

Максимална Температура

200 °C

Максимална брзина


Максимален притисок

4 бара

Времетраење на лепење

5 до 40 секунди

Ширина на лепење

60 цм




150 кг


380 V-50 HZ


6500 W


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